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Best price




Opel Astra

max 4 passengers

Sofia Ruse 160.00lv.
Sofia Veliko Tarnovo 150.00lv.
Sofia Shumen 190.00lv.
Sofia Razgrad 180.00lv.
Sofia Varna 240.00lv.
Sofia Silistra 230.00lv.
Sofia Targovishte 170.00lv.
Bucharest Ruse 80.00lv.
Bucharest Varna 180.00lv.
Bucharest Albena 210.00lv.
Bucharest Burgas 240.00lv.
Bucharest Veliko Tarnovo 130.00lv.
Bucharest Dobrich 180.00lv.
Bucharest Golden Sands 210.00lv.
Bucharest Plovdiv 240.00lv.
Bucharest Pleven 150.00lv.
Bucharest Razgrad 120.00lv.
Bucharest Sofia 240.00lv.
Bucharest Sunny Beach 230.00lv.
Bucharest Stara Zagora 190.00lv.
Bucharest Silistra 130.00lv.
 Bucharest Svishtov 130.00lv.
Bucharest Tutrakan 120.00lv.
Bucharest Targovishte 130.00lv.
Bucharest Shumen 130.00lv.

Opel Zafira

max 6 passengers

Sofia Ruse 180.00lv.
Sofia Veliko Tarnovo 170.00lv.
Sofia Shumen 210.00lv.
Sofia Razgrad 200.00lv.
Sofia Varna 260.00lv.
Sofia Silistra 250.00lv.
Sofia Targovishte 190.00lv.
Bucharest Ruse 90.00lv.
Bucharest Varna 190.00lv.
Bucharest Albena 220.00lv.
Bucharest Burgas 250.00lv.
Bucharest Veliko Tarnovo 140.00lv.
Bucharest Dobrich 190.00lv.
Bucharest Golden Sands 210.00lv.
Bucharest Plovdiv 250.00lv.
Bucharest Pleven 160.00lv.
Bucharest Razgrad 130.00lv.
Bucharest Sofia 250.00lv.
Bucharest Sunny Beach 240.00lv.
Bucharest Stara Zagora 200.00lv.
Bucharest Silistra 140.00lv.
 Bucharest Svishtov 140.00lv.
Bucharest Tutrakan 130.00lv.
Bucharest Targovishte 140.00lv.
Bucharest Shumen 140.00lv.

Peugeot Boxer

max 8 passengers

Sofia Ruse 260.00lv.
Sofia Veliko Tarnovo 250.00lv.
Sofia Shumen 300.00lv.
Sofia Razgrad 280.00lv.
Sofia Varna 360.00lv.
Sofia Silistra 340.00лв.
Sofia Targovishte 280.00лв.
Bucharest Ruse 140.00lv.
Bucharest Varna 300.00lv.
Bucharest Albena 360.00lv.
Bucharest Burgas 400.00lv.
Bucharest Veliko Tarnovo 250.00lv.
Bucharest Dobrich 300.00lv.
Bucharest Golden Sands 340.00lv.
Bucharest Plovdiv 400.00lv.
Bucharest Pleven 280.00lv.
Bucharest Razgrad 200.00lv.
Bucharest Sofia 400.00lv.
Bucharest Sunny Beach 380.00lv.
Bucharest Stara Zagora 320.00lv.
Bucharest Silistra 250.00lv.
 Bucharest Svishtov 250.00lv.
Bucharest Tutrakan 200.00lv.
Bucharest Targovishte 250.00lv.
Bucharest Shumen 250.00lv.

*The price is for entire car with all taxes included


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